Manage all patient records and practice documents with one easy to use integrated document management system.  Learn more


Write digitally on a tablet with the innovative active pen technology and access your patient records from anywhere.  Learn more


Eliminate time consuming scanning tasks and let your patients fill out forms with the digital pen to save time and money.  Learn more


Overnight Patient Record Conversion

Is it possible? Yes, it’s not only possible, it’s affordable, at a price of $1 dollar per chart. Exclusively for TeqOffice account holders, we offer to convert up to twenty patient charts per day, so that next morning, you and your staff can access these patient records on a computer or a tablet, and continue writing where you left off. TeqOffice is designed to provide cost effective medical record conversion and business management tools for medical practices and dental practices without the need to change any of the existing forms or workflows, retrain staff and spend thousands of dollars on new software.


Simple System, Advanced Capabilities

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” – Leonardo da Vinci. This was true hundreds of years ago, and it is still true today. Here at TeqTrix, we believe that all IT solutions must be simple to implement and easy to use. This is why we spent years developing TeqOffice, a document management system where you can manage both, electronic and paper-based records, faxes, text messages, and any other type of medical records or communications in one secure location.


One Button, Multitude of Options

Our hats go off to you! We design software and build powerful machines. We work hard, and we know you do too. Yet what we do fades in comparison. As a healthcare professional, you have mastered the ultimate biological machine – the human body. You save lives, and we respect that. This is why we develop solutions that allow documents to be sent to TeqOffice with just one press of a button to save you valuable time.

Any Device, Any Record, Any Where

Medical offices and dental practices today manage both, paper and electronic documents daily, but scanning patient forms, and printing documents that need to be signed translates into wasted time and money. Our advanced document management system TeqOffice offers both, Digital Pen and Smart Paper technology, as well as Active Pen for Tablets capability to eliminate time consuming scanning and printing costs, while increasing your team’s productivity and saving money.


HIPAA Compliant, Integrated, Secure

All healthcare providers must comply with the HIPAA rules and regulations. Sensitive patient records must be stored securely and protected against unauthorized access. TeqOffice seamlessly integrates with existing practice management systems, and provides HIPAA compliant methods to share documents via secure connection, track document access history, and manage user permissions in the practice management system.

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